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From The Desk Of: Barry Wallis

Dear Friend

If you really want to be a success in the stock market, this could be the most important letter you ever read.

Suppose I could sit down with you for an entire week and show you step by step exactly how I created tens of millions of dollars for myself and my clients? Would that be of interest to YOU?

Give me 5 minutes of your time and I can change YOUR life...starting today.

My Story
Starting in 1995 while still studying at university, I had over 8 years of poor returns and constant frustration between 1995 and 2003 before I "cracked it". At the time, I was an investment adviser as I had been for 8 years to many wealthy clients...unfortunately I didn't have much wealth myself. Like most people, I've had to work hard for everything I've ever got.

Year after year I advised my clients on their portfolios and watched them getting richer and richer. I was very happy for them and they were delighted with me...except I had a terrible itch and I was so frustrated. I was barely able to save any money because I was setting up home, paying off student debts and trying to get ahead at work. I saved as hard as I could...and it wasn't easy. At the rate I was saving, it would have taken me a long time to pay off the mortgage with the returns I was getting on my investments. I decided I didn't like the slow way of building wealth through mutual funds or buying and holding stocks.

I wanted a faster way...so I started playing the markets with my savings.

The Dot Com Crash

I was making out like a bandit in the late 90s and in 2000. With just over $30,000 in seed money in 1998, I managed to run this up to just over $125,000 in about 14 months. I was feeling great! Everyone was making money, the tech stocks were flying and everyone was onboard for the ride. We looked with with excitement and anticipation at the fortunes we would soon make and which would be made by all savvy investors...or so we thought...

The rest is history. Not only did I lose my profits, I lost all my savings as well. I was back to square one. On top of everything else, work wasn't going well since many of my clients had also lost a lot of money. The party was over and the hangover was just beginning. I was despondent.


I never thought it would happen for me

I was beginning to think, after years of unsuccessfully trying to figure out the markets, that I would be doomed to going to work, having a boss, paying endless bills, taking a few measly weeks off here and there and watching my savings grow slowly in mutual funds and index investments...waiting for the day when I would retire on a pension barely big enough to get by on...just like all the other "worker ants" out there.

To me it sounded too good to be true...having a life that gave me all I desired...freedom to travel, my dream house, a wonderful family, not having to work like a slave 50 hours a week, a great income and complete financial security.

I was close to giving up the dream and saving for my retirement...sandwiches in my brief case and an umbrella under my arm each morning as I trudged off to work. As I pictured the next 35 years of my life....I said NO! I refused to lie down. I knew I could figure this out.

I got mad! This was my Life!

The promise I made which changed my life forever...

Nothing was going to stop me from uncovering the age old strategies of building and keeping wealth the stock market. Nothing!

This decision fired me up like the energizer bunny...it gave me a crystal clear purpose.

I went to work!

Success leaves Clues!

I started looking at strategies which had worked for other traders. I researched dozens of the best traders and investors. Then I went on to look at the stocks which had produced huge returns. In both cases, I was looking for common denominators. By studying the history of the stock market and the greatest winners it's produced, I eventually put together a plan based on what has always worked and what will always work in the markets.

The Road Less Traveled

In 2003, I started trading with my new plan. It was a bumpy road at first and I made a lot of mistakes but soon, I was trading with greater success than I'd ever had.

Everything clicked into place. I cracked the stock market code and piled up my fortune...fast! I wasn't the first...many people have done it before me and many will do it after me. It was always that knowledge which kept me going...it was the people before me who helped me to carry on when I was down.

Looking back now, it was so obvious!

My trading became much more successful with my newly devised and tweaked plan. The plan has changed slightly along the way, however the key elements of it have remained intact...as they have for decades.

As it turns out now, the "faster" way I was searching for to accumulate wealth took me about 13 years in all to find...a time frame which I don't consider too bad!

The Paradox of Achievement

Making the money doesn't take long...its the grasping how to make it which usually takes time! The trial and error, the years of struggle, the endless nights trying to get it right and the never ending research and testing.

In my experience, most rich and successful business people, traders and sports people will tell you this if you ask them.

The best way to accumulate capital to provide the income needed to be rich quickly is to speculate in property or stocks in an intelligent and risk controlled way.

Far more people get rich using these routes than with any other method.

Most successful speculators make far more in their second or third year of success that they made in the 10 years before when they were unsuccessful!

When you have a plan in business or trading that works, is independently proven to work and is scalable, the sky's the limit!

From that point, its only a matter of sensible risk management...and then the money will gush in at a pace that will stun you!
Today, I have something very special to share with you.

I'm going to show you "the recipe"...exactly what I uncovered that helped me to master the markets and how you can apply what I discovered today!

Nothing is held back. Nothing.

I've prepared for you the same dish which all the best traders have prepared in history. The ingredients have changed slightly to take into account changes in today's markets...like the rise of hedge funds in the last 20 years into the huge force they are today.


I have some wonderful news for you!

It IS possible to get everything you want from trading....and more. Money, choices, freedom, free time, possessions, status...everything!

Its not just possible, its fast and quite easy to pile up a fortune...Here's the kicker...its only fast and easy when you know what to do!

Its possible for anyone who understands and applies the strategies that I have uncovered (the techniques were always there...hidden in plain view).

Putting the pieces together through all the noise, gibberish and misunderstood ideas floating around is the hard part! This is the REAL secret!

Succeeding in the markets is a piece of cake when you know what to do and how it all fits together!
It Works

It took me years of study to put this trading strategy together. This was the first step. I've proved it to myself...anyone can apply these secrets...because I've already helped others to digest and profit from this information..

The people I took into my confidence, the guinea pigs, had never traded stocks before in their lives....and they made oodles of cash...quickly. I showed them, not to make them richer, I showed them to prove to myself what I uncovered was valid and would work for novice traders with wild success.

You see, I knew I could have been lucky. I wanted to remove this possibility before I showed the material to the YOU. The millionaire guinea pigs who helped me to test the system have traded with incredible success. Luck had nothing to do with it.

Luck will have nothing to do with the success of anyone who reads and applies the material I'm offering here.
What I've Got For YOU...

tick56 Would you like to know how to uncover the next huge stocks? I'll teach you exactly what to look for
tick56 Avoid the mistakes all unsuccessful traders make...which will massively increase your chances of making a fortune
tick56 You'll get a simple, methodical plan of stock research
tick56 Are you confused by the hundreds of tools and indicators? I'll show you the ones which really matter...and how to use them!
tick56 I'll show you how to make trading the stock markets simple and easy to understand
tick56 Uncover precisely when to sell for maximum profits
tick56 I'll teach you how to read the signals the stock market continually sends out so you'll always know what your next action should be


You'll get all this and more.

For all Code Crackers...A Sneak Peek Inside The Safe!

Here's what waits when you've cracked the safe that is the stock market.

tick56 You'll build wealth like a trooper
tick56 Get out of debt fast...and never need to carry another mortgage or credit card debt as long as you live!
tick56 Never depend on another employer to pay your bills
tick56 Live in your dream house (or 3!)
tick56 Fund the business you've dreamed of running
tick56 Forget about money for generations to come!
tick56 Have complete freedom to live and travel where you want

So far I have only shared this information with hand picked clients. I call them (affectionately) "my guinea pigs". Here's what a few had to say.

Barry helped me to manage my mutual funds and my pension investments for many years before I retired. I had never bought a stock before in my life. Since he did such a good job of protecting me and making my money grow over the years, I was happy too be part of his initial experimental group in stock trading.
I started with £10,000 (the maximum he allowed) and opened a brokerage account in London to trade CFDs in the US. Once he talked me through the when, what, where, how and why of research, buying, selling, holding and cutting losses, I dipped my toe in the water. I made some mistakes initially and the rules laid out for me allowed me to survive and prosper.
Since 2005, I have made over £760,000 from my initial stake. 2 of my big winners were AAPL and POT. I took many small losses along the way (stopped out in SLW 3 times and GYMB twice!) and sold a few shares too soon (GG). Now, with the rules I have in place which I have tweaked for my own situation, I am totally confident that I can thrive in the market for years to come. My great revelation was realizing I don’t have to trade perfectly...I used to beat myself up about that...until I looked at my returns!

Roger Evans - Potters Bar

I don’t like risk and Barry knows this. When he put his trading system in front of me and showed me how I could manage my own risk, I was intrigued. I decided to try trading based on what he taught at his first seminar....to what he likes to call his “guinea pigs”. I decided to risk £3000 and I didn't use CFDs. In the last 3 years, I have made over 350% return on my investments. I will be graduating to CFDs soon.

Phil Lackey - Knebworth.

In exactly the same way as I have taught my guinea pigs, I will teach you how to trade from the beginning including how to:

tick56 Make more money when you are right
tick56 Lose much less when you are wrong